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Big Spring Fire Alarm and Statement of Conditions

Department of Veterans Affairs

VISN 17, West Texas VA Health Care System, George H. O'Brien, Jr. VA Medical Center

Big Spring, TX

Romanyk Consulting Corporation (RCC) provided complete design documentation to replace the Fire Alarm System in the entire facility at the West Texas VA Health Care System. The campus-wide installation required the RCC team to develop plans to remove the existing Honeywell Excel System fire alarm panel and install of a new Nonproprietary Fire Alarm and detection system with voice enunciation.

The new system is headquartered in Fire Alarm Room 082 which is connected to

a Campus-wide system.

Additional project scope included:

  • Provide a new GUI (Graphic User Interface) workstation in Room 082 with the capability to monitor all campus fire alarm network nodes.

  • Reset all network nodes and broadcast voice notifications for evacuation and other emergency conditions.

  • Install selectable switches at the fire alarm voice control panel so that a manual voice message can be communicated to each connected building individually.

  • Provide a secondary GUI workstation in Biomedical Engineering, Police Dispatch & Boiler Plant.

  • Install new digital voice (speaker) system with web inter-phase capacities.

  • Provide the appropriate number of extended SLC (Signaling Line Circuits) loop cards, amplifiers, power supplies, network control modules, and network annunciators that are required for the installation of the new addressable fire alarm and detection system with voice evacuation.

  • Install new remote annunciator panels throughout the campus at each entrance in all buildings.

  • Remove the Honeywell fire alarm panel located in the Domiciliary Building (building #18) and replace panel with a network node that communicates with the main fire alarm and detection system installed in Room 082. Connection to the main fire alarm network uses a 62.5 Multi-Mode fiber optic cables.

  • Place and space notification appliances in accordance with NFPA 72 & 101

  • Install speakers, strobes and speaker/strobes throughout the campus.

  • Enable campus buildings to have a stand-alone as a general evacuation alarm system when communications are lost to other networked buildings


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