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Temple Emergency Power Switchboard Clinic Addition

Department of Veterans Affairs

VISN 17 - Olin E. Teague Veterans' Medical Center

Temple, TX

Romanyk Consulting Corp. (RCC) was contracted to provide Architectural and Engineering services to install a new emergency power distribution switchboard, since the existing normal power distribution and emergency power distribution connections share the same electrical cabinet and does not meet the NEC Code.

The final deliverable replaced the switchboard with a new normal power switchboard and a new emergency power switchboard and locate the equipment in separate spaces per NEC guidelines.

Romanyk also identified and relocated existing feeds from the existing switchboard and related equipment to the new switchboards. This project also replaced associated automatic transfer switches reconnecting them to the facility’s generator located the adjacent Emergency Generator Room of Building 163.

Our team also incorporated the removal of the existing louvers in BD116B and construction of a new wall in place of the louvers into our design.


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