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VA National D/B Parking Garage Prototype

Department of Veterans Affairs, OCFM Central

Washington DC

Romanyk Consulting Corporation (RCC) developed the Parking Structure Prototype Design to be applied nationwide at VA Medical Campuses. This work involved the development of drawings and specifications for a Design/ Build RFP template. The prototype considers such important factors as physical security; fast, all-weather construction; design expandability and flexibility; quality; ability to adapt aesthetic variations; and environmental friendliness. Further, the prototype complies with the VA’s Parking Design Manual. RCC worked with VA representatives to outline design criteria and minimum construction requirements. During this process, the RCC team referred to sample parking garage designs previously completed by Desman and RCC. The team submitted several design examples of different options for egress/ingress and the respective pros and cons. This information was presented at a programming session in order to give all VA stakeholders the opportunity to make well-informed decisions regarding the prototype.

Once the program definition and concepts were approved, RCC prepared architectural, mechanical, electrical and structural schemes leading to a recommended solution for a prototype parking garage which can be adapted to various medical centers.

Once a final prototype schematic design was agreed upon, the team prepared design documents consisting of plans and specifications, to illustrate the size and character of the project as to architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical systems, materials and other such elements in support of a National Design/Build RFP prototype for use by VA facilities.

RCC received a Very Good/Exceptional CPAR on this Task Order from OCFM Central.


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