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VISN 21/22 Physical Security Design Manual (PSDM) Assessment

Department of Veterans Affairs

12 locations in So. CA, AZ, NM, NV

The VA commissioned Romanyk Consulting Corporation (RCC) to assess 12 VA medical centers for compliance with the VA’s Mission Critical and Life Safety Physical Security Design Manual (PSDM).

RCC developed and submit the following deliverables to assist the network facilities to obtain compliance with the PSDM’s:

  • Analyzed each facility’s existing compliance with the current PSDM. This was accomplished by doing desk analyses, facility structures reviews, and Master Plan reviews of all pertinent buildings for each VISN 21/22 facility pertaining to Mission Critical and Life Safety standards.

  • Conducted a “boots on the ground” physical inspection of each facility structure (including all off-site buildings & structures leased and owned) for visual analyses of the structures’ compliance with the PSDM’s.

  • Provided strategic recommendations for adjusting existing facility Master Plans in order to become compliant with the PSDM.

  • Analyzed physical security areas such as perimeter security, existing standoff distances, resiliency issues - fuel/water storage, and redundant utility services.

  • Developed rough order of magnitude cost estimates for implementing strategic compliance recommendations.


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