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“Full-view” planning examines strategic, operational, and financial variables in addition to those related to SCIP Gap support. Other related planning services include:

  • Detailed experience in the use of all VA-VSSC planning tools (space calculators, SEPs space programs, VA Milliman/ProClarity forecasting data, and the Health Care Planning Model-HCPM).

  • Design Concepts: PACT, CLC Residential Care, and Patient Family Centered Care.

  • Workload Allocation Modeling (WAM): Translates market level utilization workload it into valuable and usable VA information; provides outputs directly into the VA Health Care Planning Model (HCPM) and Strategic Capital Investment Planning (SCIP).


VA Facility Information Management (VAFIM)
Water Safety
Energy Audits
Physical Security

Architecture Model Sketching


VA Facility Information Management (VAFIM)

Building information modeling (BIM) is widely used in design and construction. Having access to the model data is a valuable tool for facilities management, but it’s rarely accessed by owners. Romanyk Consulting Corp. (RCC) joined forces with IMAGINiT Technologies to offer a solution using IMAGINiT Clarity Owner Data Portal (ODP). Not only can RCC help your team transition your old floor plans into models, but they can also help you manage that data throughout its life cycle. Imagine having access to current data and plans, past and present, anytime, anywhere. The VA Facility Information Management (VAFIM) system is an online tool that can be used from a computer, tablet, or smart phone. You can manage your model data with reliable, secure, and up-to-date files giving you more time and budget for other important tasks.

Energy Efficiency Consultation


Energy Audits, Life-Cycle Analysis & Green Strategies

Simple energy audits equip building owners with a list of no or low-cost recommendations and a general road map for future planning. More complex energy audits provide a comprehensive energy efficiency capital investment planning line with a building owner’s financial goals. Other services include re-commissioning, engineering controls monitoring, data/trend analysis, and BIM modeling integration designed to support the Energy Manager’s oversight of the VA’s Energy Program.



Legionella and Control of Airborne Pathogens

VA experienced water team in the development of Directive 1061 compliant Water Safety Plans to include an integrated tracking and monitoring process with BIM modeling designed to reduce/manage the hazards from waterborne pathogens such as – Legionella bacteria, and fungal airborne pathogens – Aspergillus (Help with water safety).

Security Monitoring Screens


Physical Security and Resiliency Design Manual Assessments

RCC’s approach includes the physical security assessment of facilities and campuses through both documentation audits and visual inspections. These reviews center around the concept of concentric levels of control and protection to provide progressively enhanced levels of security. The concentric levels approach offers redundancy in lines of defense that is less likely to be breached. RCC has assembled a team of experts to include Certified Safety Professionals (CSP), Certified Protection Professional (CPP) and Structural Blast Specialists that can assist with the implementation of physical security standards for improving the protection of mission critical and life safety facilities. We understand that Federal Agencies include, within their basic mission statements, the need to protect the health and safety of patients, employees, and visitors.

Computer Tutorials


Building Information Modeling & Clash Detection

Easy entry into BIM modeling of existing space and real time upkeep of the Capital Asset Inventory (CAI). Make your drawings work for you! Record existing facility conditions, generate single line diagrams, two and three-dimensional representations, and data reports. Establishes “one stop shopping” through a single Facility Management Workstation for tracking, monitoring, and validation of critical programs such as: (Legionella Water Safety Plan, Capital Implementation Plans, FCA visualization, Energy Audits, Asbestos Surveys, Equipment details and much more).

Staff Photo: Jeff White


Jeff White

Vice President - Special Projects

(855) 424-3838, Ext. 309 (office)

(205) 292-6288 


Staff Photo: Ann Seibert


Ann Seibert, CPSM

Director of Business Development

(855) 424-3838, Ext. 305 (office)

(602) 402-0046 (mobile)


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