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RCC provides strategic capital asset management planning services to meet the need of a constantly evolving planning environment. Our approach incorporates critical exploration of administrative, logistical, as well as stakeholder and end-user functions that result in specific goals for reinvented processes. RCC provides planning solutions with a process that determines:

The right services consistent with our client’s strategic initiatives, market influencers, and desired business goals. This means we provide the

  • Right size based upon the projected need for services, staffing models, technology requirements, and desired features

  • Right location based upon access, operational productivity, and facility compatibility

  • Right financial structure by weighing options such as owning, leasing, or collaboration with other organizations.


RCC develops our planning and analyses solutions by incorporating:

  • Evaluation of demographic and market trends,

  • Organizational strengths and weaknesses in terms of strategies, service programs, financial capability, and capital infrastructure,

  • Stakeholder input from the organization’s desired sources,

  • Projection of future opportunities for service enhancement and/or expansion, and

  • Addressing and developing plans to overcome any challenges to the successful execution of proposed solutions.

Our team typically performs our planning and analyses solutions as part of a strategic planning process or facility master plan. Additional planning that should be considered are financial, staffing, as well as operational plans.

​Physical Security is another planning service provided by RCC. Physical Security is a multi-discipline assessment that involves site planning, architectural issues, structural and MEP disciplines that RCC has the ability to provide as a complete package.


Organizational Planning

Master Planning

Facility Planning

Space Planning

Demographic & Market Studies

Program Analysis

SWOT Analysis

Stakeholder Interviews

Capital Asset Inventory Updates (CAI)

PSDRM Surveys and Assessments

Water Safety Planning Services

Staff Photo: Lucas Miller


Lucas Miller, PMP, LSSBB

Senior Planner

(855) 424-3838, Ext. 304 (office)

(303) 359-2027 (mobile)


Staff Photo: Ann Seibert


Ann Seibert, CPSM

Director of Business Development

(855) 424-3838, Ext. 305 (office)

(602) 402-0046 (mobile)


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