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Romanyk Consulting Corp. (RCC) has a clear vision. We aim to provide our clientele with the most efficient, proven, and repeatable solutions available in the industry. We continue to grow with our existing valued clientele, yet we stand ready to embrace new challenges with new clients within our diverse areas of expertise.


Our firm’s vision for the future incorporates:

  • Work we can stand proudly behind

  • Upholding the highest principals of ethics and integrity

  • Talented team members providing industry best assistance

  • Remaining a preferred provider in sectors we choose to offer services and solutions


At RCC we understand that having a vision is not enough. That is why we have energized and empowered our team with direction and allowed our people to create the future path of our organization. This methodology allows our team to work together in order to achieve RCC objectives and goals, while aligning our organization with the future vision we seek.


At Romanyk Consulting Corp., our mission is to focus on what matters most to our clients. We provide the highest caliber expertise to assist organizations in the definition and execution of organizational strategies to deliver measurable and significant improvements in the planning, operational, organizational, and information technology elements of your organization.


RCC was established in 1996 with a clear vision of providing an innovative approach to improving operational and organizational performance. RCC centered its original practice on assisting healthcare organizations in strategic health planning, patient and process flow improvement, and ensuring patient care and safety. We also focused our original practice on developing our unique PI3 – Process Improvement, Integration, and Implementation solution.

Since our initial beginnings, we have expanded our healthcare practice and solutions into other sectors with a specific emphasis in Government Healthcare, Research Laboratories, and Information Technology (IT). Along the way, we have continued to fine-tune our expertise while keeping our clients’ needs at the forefront of our practice.

Today, RCC's AE design services have grown. We perform special studies, pre-design studies, design and construction services, peer reviews, and facility condition assessments. Our design team includes registered architects, architectural designers, registered Mechanical/Plumbing engineers and designers as well as registered Electrical/Low Voltage engineers with certifications such as ACHA, FPE, RCDD, CTS, PMP and LEED AP's.

RCC provides its services to a variety of clients in four main sectors: Healthcare, Government, Research Laboratories, and IT. RCC continues to expand our core competencies to include specialized capabilities in such areas as master planning, workload allocation modeling, mobile, and application technology. Our growth in these specialized areas is exciting and we continue to expand our resource pool to build further on current successes.


Conceptually, we have always visualized the future with excitement as well as opportunity, and bringing this to our clients is what fuels our collaborative growth. Our team consists of industry-leading experts who take pride not only in their professionalism but also in the integrity of the practice. The basis of our vision for growth focuses in large part on leveraging the value-added solutions we provide to our clients. It is in our client successes and references where you will find the value provided by RCC.

Healthcare Management Consulting, facility planning, architecture, engineering, healthcare design

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