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VISN 7 Statement of Conditions and Life Safety Assessment

Department of Veterans Affairs


Six (6) VA Medical Center Campuses in Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina

Romanyk Consulting Corporation (RCC) provided an A/E team, including architects, engineers, surveyors, and professional consultants to survey and inspect six (6) VA Medical Centers for Life safety deficiencies according to 2015 NFPA101 Life Safety Code and Joint Commission Standard LS.01.01.01, EP 2. The team delivered comprehensive as-built Life Safety Plans (LSP) for: Tuskegee (1,136,025 SF), Montgomery (1,273,857 SF), Columbia (694,425 SF), Atlanta (1,305,917 SF), Augusta (1,756,209 S), Dublin (728,094 SF).

The RCC team developed a list of discrepancies based off their findings and provided recommendations to correct deficiencies. The A/E team also updated life/fire safety plans to reflect existing as-built conditions based off the survey. Finally, the team also surveyed the facility to locate existing fire dampers and provide accurate as-built drawings. All assessments of the campus were conducted in a manner that enabled all campuses to remain fully operational. The team coordinated with local VA staff to schedule after-hour inspections and to gain access to medically sensitive areas. Life Safety inspection included inspecting all fire walls (including doors, door frames, and hardware), smoke walls, locations of all fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, smoke compartments, and exit signs.


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