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Executive Office Management & Communication Strategies

Operational support solutions and performance initiatives do not deliver value without successful communication and execution.

Executive Office Management (ExCom) facilitation is crucial to delivering desired operational results within an organization. Our operational ExCom solution provides the following objectives and deliverables:

  • Clarity in mission

  • Coordination in execution

  • Communication in cross-functional priorities

  • Accountability towards performance goals


Our team and the unique methodology we employ serve in establishing achievable, high-impact key performance indicator’s that measure the health of your operations in achieving mission objectives. Operational performance targets form a critical part of the ExCom facilitation process in conjunction with the functions of a program management office. Periodic reviews and updates lead to a sense of clarity, and situations that require attention or refocusing of initiatives are discovered and addressed.

Lack of coordinated execution or deficiencies in clarity of authority can significantly impede progress and hinder organizational success. Our ExCom initiative measures participation and engagement, and establishes baselines for department-specific activities, with the primary objective of identifying areas in need of improvement. Furthermore, ExCom promotes tighter coordination, defines accountability standards to drive teamwork and performance, diminishes separation to promote a healthy cultural environment, and actively espouses conflict reduction and timely conflict resolution.

Finally, ExCom facilitation addresses communication in cross-functional priorities alongside accountability towards performance goals. Effective communication within operational environments directly correlates with improved completion rates of initiatives on time and on budget. Completion checks plus individual accountability, fosters improvement as well as personal and professional development objectives. The value gained from an ExCom solution for leadership and management becomes apart when you consider the difference between operational deployments versus successful mission execution.

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