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Program Management

Economic, political, and business factors drive change in organizational structures. The need for a business model based on execution is the only way for organizations to meet the challenges of today. Romanyk Consulting Corp. (RCC) boasts a proven record of accomplishment in facilitating Program Management Office (PMO) for organizational initiatives.

The mission of PMO is to bridge the gap between strategy and execution within an organization. As a client transitions to a culture and organization of execution, the PMO plays an essential role in ensuring visibility, communication of initiatives, status, management of execution, and reformation of business processes. Strategic objectives of an organizational PMO are as follows:

  • Create and manage the organizational transformation plan

  • Champion the success of corporate key performance indicators (KPI’s)

  • Establish, implement, and manage the PMO process


The express purpose of PMO is to provide corporate planning and oversight, management support, a systemic reporting mechanism across functional boundaries of the organization, and facilitation of the corporate transformation to an execution-based structure. RCC helps our clients focus on the following critical elements in order to realize a successful organizational PMO:

  • Role and responsibility definition

  • Flow of activity

  • Flow of information

  • Communication protocol

  • Relationship between PMO, management staff, and executive team


For the dynamic business environment of today, an organization must establish key organizational infrastructure elements required to support overall strategic efforts. RCC team members, working in coordination with our client’s initiatives in establishing and maintaining an effective PMO, ensures appropriate focus on short-term strategies while incorporating long-range planning. This in effect enables successful organizational execution of strategy and development of purposeful action plans.

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