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Business Transformation Methodologies

Business transformation typically starts as the result of some compelling event. It is rare that organizations implement a business transformation effort as part of the normal course of operations. Initiating events may include a shift in market conditions, competitive pressures, or a need to re-align the cost structure of the organization. Whatever the precipitating event, management’s commitment to the transformation initiative is the single most important element contributing to a successful outcome.

Executing a successful transformation is a costly endeavor requiring the expenditure of a tremendous amount of effort to define how to realign the organization and what it should look like in the end. The transformation initiative needs to align people, processes, and infrastructure to the targeted strategic direction and vision of the organization, and you want to ensure you get it right the first time.

Romanyk Consulting Corp. (RCC) approaches business transformation using proven tools and methodologies. Additionally, we customize our business transformation processes to fit our client’s particular situation. We work carefully with our clients to create a systemic transformation plan designed to produce clear, fast, and steady progress. Key steps in the business transformation process include:

  • Defining strategic outcomes

  • Outlining operational plans

  • Assessing the current environment

  • Defining realistic targets and stretch targets

  • Implementation, management, and monitoring


RCC understands the importance of managing transformation initiatives very carefully, and the need to achieve results early and often. Our approach seeks to gain and maintain business momentum and to foster a positive cultural of change quickly in order to maximize likelihood of success. We setup high-impact and high-value work streams, re-enforce how short-term goals lead to long-term objectives, and celebrate transformation milestones. At RCC, we are particularly proud of our ability to cultivate cultural acceptance of transformation initiatives among all stakeholders of the organization. We recognize the natural resistance to change and take proactive steps to mitigate resistant tendencies.

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