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The need to improve organizational relationships and performance is critical in a dynamic business environment. Intensifying competition alongside greater customer expectations has created a renewed need for systemic change and organizational improvement. However, with the complexity of today’s organizations, many questions arise. Where should one start? Which processes are most important and demand attention? How do you implement change and execute sustainable organizational improvements?


Romanyk Consulting Corp. (RCC) employs trusted assessment tools to create a custom framework that helps optimize organizational alignment, effectiveness, and capabilities.


Proven value-added tools exercised by RCC, with client collaboration, will enhance organizational understanding as well as prioritize areas of opportunity for implementing executable improvement plans. RCC is experienced and proven in numerous areas of organizational improvement solutions.

These solutions allow an in-depth comprehensive understanding of organizational structure. Achieving understanding is the initial step to realignment, transformation, restructuring, and overall organizational improvement efforts. RCC is skilled and confident in our innovative approach to organizational solutions.

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