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Milwaukee Master Plan

Department of Veterans Affairs

VISN 12, Clement J. Zablocki Veterans' Administration Medical Center

Milwaukee, WI

Romanyk Consulting Corporation (RCC) provided all the labor, materials, tools, equipment and supervision necessary to provide health care planning documents for the renovation of services and departments within the VA Medical Center, including the main hospital, out buildings, CBOC’s and leased space. RCC also provided the planning documents for the DVA 10-year Strategic Capital Investment Planning (SCIP) process. Specific tasks the firm completed include:

  • Formed and worked with an Integrated Project Team (IPT) to help formulate Action Plans and Business Cases.

  • Conducted SCIP Gap Analysis - assessed Infrastructure needs based on utilization/workload projections; evaluated current inventory of space, utilization, workload and infrastructure; reviewed current projects in process; and developed a 10-year action plan to close identified performance gaps.

  • Utilized VHA Space Calculator to estimate the ideal space needed to deliver heath care services.

  • Performed Demographic Mapping - defined percentage of enrollees living within primary care drive times and veterans with access to a burial option within 75 miles of their home.

  • Analyzed conditions utilizing FCA, and energy efficiency improvements and other gaps in safety/security, privacy, parking or other defined gaps.

  • Developed cost estimates with associated improvements.

  • Delivered Final Master Plan Report - comprised of a written document with an executive summary, charts and graphical material describing chronologically the identified facility needs related to program objectives, strategies, options considered, and a detailed development of the recommended options with cost estimates and an implementation plan.


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