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VISN 7 Master Plan Update

Department of Veterans Affairs


10 Locations, Alabama, Georgia & South Carolina

Romanyk Consulting Corporation (RCC) developed comprehensive Master Plans for all ten Medical Centers in VISN 7 covering three separate VA planning markets. Subsequently, RCC was issued a VISN 7 Master Plan IDIQ to update and maintain these plans. This project, updated the facility comprehensive master plans across all stations within VISN 7 utilizing VA provided data for FY 2019/2020 and SCIP Gaps. Project included planning and engineering coordination, leadership meetings, on-site visits, project planning, project sequencing and coordination, cost estimating, project development and station SCIP gap mitigation, and master plan deliverable development for review and station agreement.

Key verified deliverables included an electronic FY2019/2020 master planning document inclusive of as-is and proposed space drawings (site, building, and floor-by-floor), capital project establishment (within VHA’s capital programs of Major Construction, Major Lease, Minor Lease, Minor Construction, and Non-Recurring Maintenance (Infrastructure and Sustainment)), project sequencing documentation, SEPS development, SCIP gap project mitigation, non-capital initiative exploration and identification, FCA review and project bundling, and implementation schedule development.

This master planning effort is extremely relevant as many elements of the project approach, process, and tools utilized are similar to the potential Coatesville effort and our team’s prior in-depth knowledge and expertise of VA planning system and requirements would provide great value to VISN 6. Our team has direct access into VA planning tools and databases (SEPs, CAI, SCIP Action Plans, Business Cases, and CEA Templates) and utilized these tools in the development and update of the VISN 7 Master Plans. Firsthand knowledge and use of these tools enable planning schedule adherence, data gathering efficiencies, and knowledge sharing.

Romanyk Consulting received a Very Good / Exceptional CPARS for this Task Order.


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