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Specialty Clinics Fourth Floor Renovation

Department of Veterans Affairs

VISN 17, Central Texas Veterans Health Care System, Olin E. Teague Veterans' Medical Center

Temple, TX

Romanyk Consulting Corp. (RCC) designed a new specialty clinic for the Olin E. Teague Veterans’ Medical Center located in Temple, TX. The purpose of the renovation was to better utilize the existing 20,000 SF space. RCC helped achieve this goal by right-sizing exam rooms and modernizing the interior space. RCC’s design production work utilized BIM and Revit software. RCC BIM modeling incorporates VA TIL standards and cross references to Master Specifications to ensure appropriate chapters are captured in the completed design documents.

Construction Period of Services included estimates for time for submittal reviews and approvals; assistance in reviewing questions proposed by Bidders prior to receipt of Bids, and make recommendations; provide responses to Contractor’s request for information (RFI) and issue sketches and supplemental instructions as required; provide review and response to VA of proposed changes, and provide VA an analysis detailing any impact upon the design, any effect on compliance with laws or industry standards, and any reasons which, in the A-E’s professional opinion, may exist for rejecting or modifying the proposed change and conduct Site Visits at intervals appropriate to the stage of construction.


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