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VISN 7 SCIP FY21 Facilitation

Department of Veterans Affairs


10 Locations, Alabama, Georgia & South Carolina

Romanyk Consulting Corporation (RCC) completed this task order under the VISN 7 Master Planning IDIQ. It encompassed SCIP planning and facilitation for all 10 VA Medical Center locations within VISN 7. The SCIP effort included coordinated virtual meeting efforts with station planning/engineering, leadership debriefs, SCIP adjustment submissions, action plan submissions, SCIP gap mitigation (space, utilization, functional, energy, conditions), SCIP comment mitigation, and business case development of all required documents (BCA narrative, cost estimates, CEA template, SEPS development).

Our team utilized and developed needed SCIP project requirements directly within VA planning tools and templates including but not limited to the SCIP Automation Tool (SAT), SEPS project builder (using input data sheets for Program for Design (PFD) outputs), cost estimate templates (NRM and new space), and CEA templates with NPV assessment tools. Our team utilized our direct access into VA planning tools and databases to best support successful SCIP submissions. VISN 7 successfully achieve SCIP milestones in receiving the most project in VHA and the most funding in VHA while under RCC support/facilitation contracts as well as most recently receiving initial approvals for a major construction project at their Charleston VA Medical Center.

Key verified deliverables were SCIP gap analyses, Strategic Capital Assessment (SCA) development, long-range action plan submissions, business case development, and direct SCIP facilitation within VA systems and tools.


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